This website has been developed to share information regarding all that is great about wilderness canoeing, kayaking and hiking on the Bowron Lake Provincial Park Canoe Route. This place is unique, a group of ten key lakes that are actually in the shape of a quadrangle. The lakes are connected by a series of streams and rivers and in some places by overland portage trails. It is a paddling destination that takes you over flat water and moving water for a distance of 70 miles or 116 kilometres, yet it ends where it begins.

It has several monikers: The Chain, Chain of Lakes, The Circuit, the Bowron, The Bowron Lake Chain, The Bowrons, Bowron Lake Provincial Park Canoe Route, and on this site you will probably see all of these being used.

  • This site will talk about all that is great about the Chain and how to keep it that way.
  • As much as the idea is appealing, this is not primarily a Bowron history site…there are other great sites that tell the story of the history of this special area, particularly of the people who have made this history. Passing references will be made to the Bowron’s past…..
  • however, this site will seek to protect and safeguard the history of the Bowron, and to encourage the documentation of the provenance of the special buildings and places that abound within the Park
  • This site will seek to create opportunities, events and venues to Celebrate The Bowron and the people who have made it such a special place
  • This site will offer a forum to share the experiences of everyone who visits and travels on the Chain
  • This site will seek to promote a positive working relationship and a greater understanding between Park managers (BC Parks) and the general public…those people who use and love the Chain…..
  • to ensure that everyone who cares about the Bowron has a forum for being heard, for offering input, is part of the decision making process, has a voice!!! That BC Parks is sensitive to the wishes and needs of the public
  • This site will promote increased volunteer involvement in the preservation and future direction of Bowron Lake Park, in keeping the Bowron such a great place
  • This site will seek to promote fiscal responsibility, to advocate that money spent on the Chain is spent where it needs to be spent
  • This site will promote the Park as a year-round wilderness destination
  • This site will seek to learn more about the special treasures and little known places that the Bowron has to share with us….hikes, forests, plants, trails, cabins, animals…..
  • This site will work with others to safeguard the animal, bird and fish habitat, the water quality and the integrity of the Bowron’s forests
  • Most importantly, this site will seek to preserve the Bowron as a wilderness paddling destination for the intermediate level paddler


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